Anix Trading


At Anix Trading we pride ourselves on producing the best Sheep and Cattle hides ready for both the local and international leather markets.


Bovine or cattle hides dominate the source of leather in South African market. At Anix Trading we take what is a by-product of our groups abattoir and by treating the hides with the utmost care we are able to produce a much sought after product. We process both shep and cattle hides to export standards.


Anix Trading is classified as an intermediate store, which means the raw-hide is treated and then moved to a certified export store. Our hides are received directly from the abattoir and treated with salt and boric acid to preserve them for the tanneries overseas. Because the hides are treated and preserved so quickly after slaughter usually within 24 hours, the quality of the final product is unparrallelled.


Anix also prdocues wool from the hides of the sheep due to the fact that the main breeds slaughtered within the group are wool / meat breeds, and therefore enter our supply chain with a considerable amount of wool on them. This wool is shaved from the hides and bundled ready for our customers.


Once we have processed our hides they are inspected and collated into the bundles as per the export stores requirments. Anix Trading is certified as a Gold Status Store. This is essential for the export market as it proves we source from abattoirs where full ante and post mortem inspections are carried out. The gold status also shows that Anix Trading complies with the OIE standards for NOT sourcing hides from Foot and Mouth Disease Control Areas such as – Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and Kwazulu Natal, or the Kruger Ntaional Park.