Beaufort West Abattoir

Beaufort West Abattoir became part of the South African Farm Assured Meat Group during the early part of 2012. It forms a strategic part of the groups future plans for growth and development, as it is strategically located within the key lamb sourcing area of the Greater Karoo.

Whilst the group was already procuring lambs from this region the purpose of investing in Beaufort West was to grow capacity close to the source of the raw material and thereby preventing the need for extended transport times for the livestock. Whilst Beaufort West is only 4 hours drive from Robertson and so well within international norms for the transportation of live animals the reduction in transport times will help drive animal welfare and overall quality of our end products.

Currently Beaufort West is only a ‘Low Throughput’ abattoir but it is our intention to grow this into a ‘High Throughput’ abattoir as the demand increases. This growth in demand is taking place at a significant pace as the quality principles employed within the group for the last 18 years are implemented at Beaufort West. Its reputation for producing lambs whilst supporting the local community through job creation is raising its profile and increasing the demand for lambs sourced and processed from the Karoo.

Contact details:

Gerrie Snyman

Tel: 0234143614

Fax: 026414 2042