All facilities within the SAFAM Group are certified Halaal. This includes both Abattoirs and Casings Plant.

The MJC Halaal Trust (MJCHT) is a major role-player in the positive promotion of and orientation on halal lifestyle for South African Muslims, specifically and other communities, globally.

The MJCHT came into existence prior to 1945, via the legacy of religious scholars (‘ulama). It was established as a Trust in 1986. The MJCHT committed itself to oversee the halal food industry, on behalf of the Muslims, in South Africa.

The MJCHT thus specialized in the certification and endorsement of food commodities and other consumables as halal, in accordance with Islamic principles, ethics, values and standards. This took the format of ‘halal certification services-rendered’ which entails, amongst other services, checking on the halal feasibility, control and compliance of a business, facility or commodity. It is a process that ensures halal-control of the entire halal-chain from origination (raw material) till consumption by the consumer.

Procedurally, the MJCHT ensures that the halal management-structures of the entire halal operation or “halal-chain” from A to Z is controlled, monitored, supervised, inspected and audited. Once all the halal requirements and controls are satisfactorily met, a halal certificate is issued.

The MJC audits Robertson Abattoir every year to ensure that our slaughtering procedures are carried out according to halaal requirements. This does not only mean the actual slaughtering is Halaal but also the further management principles applied within our slaughter facility is pure, hygienically clean, healthy, and wholesome or Tayyib.

The MJCHT also regularly assist and mentor our slaughter men whenever the need arises.

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